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Rationalize the Foundations of Physics

Modern physicists seem to have become accustomed to numbing their intuitive epiphany. Copenhagen schoolers set this practice one century ago, and fortified by generations of followers until now.

I believe the mission of a physicist is not to describe the experimental result with equations as it appears but to seek the reasonable mechanism behind it. This was what Albert Einstein struggled to achieve and failed.

My nickname “Mech” means mechanism seeker. You will find reasonable explanations with consistency and comprehensiveness in my coming books, both of which the “Standard Model“ fails to satisfy as a whole.

As the starting point, I will rationalize and rewrite Maxwell’s equations. You will find what I mean by “rationalization” of this seemingly invincible set of equations. My advantages over physicists in Maxwell’s age are knowing the theory of relativity, Liénard–Wiechert potentials, and 3D graphical tools to describe them. And, my advantage over modern physicists is my experience in real wave dynamics and freedom from adamant physics society.

I cannot guarantee the correctness of my theories, of course. It is up to you to judge. But regardless of the correctness, I believe appreciating different angles of view like mine must be inspiring, at least.


ElectromagneticsOriginal rationalization and revision of the Maxwell’s Equation.
This is the foundation of all following theories.
Waves & OpticsOriginal explanation on waves and optics.
CosmologyOriginal scenario and structure of the universe and General Relativity.
Theory of EverythingOriginal theory of everything.
Philosophy & PolicyMech’s philosophy and policy.